Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Rough Couple of Days

It has been a rough couple of days at the McDermott household.
Our weekend started off great, with a little of this:
and this:
and this:

At approximately 11:30 on Saturday night... things started to go down-hill.

A certain sleepy little boy of ours woke up crying.  And I do not mean the typical crying/whimpering that he usually does when he first wakes up and wants someone to come get him.  I mean - he woke up screaming!  Full-on fits of LOUD crying.

Brian and I waited a few minutes to see if he would calm himself down enough to go back to sleep.  But no such luck.  Brian then went upstairs to rock him a little bit and I just assumed all was going well, until I heard a stern "LIZ!"

I ran up the stairs not sure what to expect... and what I found was not a pretty sight.  James had thrown up ALL over his daddy, the chair, his clothes and the floor.  It was a mess.  I went into "mama mode" and got James cleaned up and tried to get him back to sleep.

He then threw up on me.

And then on daddy again later.

We finally managed to get him to sleep around 1:30am in the bed with us.  It was a night full of little sleep.  Every stir James made woke me up.  I would just lie there and stare at him to make sure he was OK.

Sunday, James seemed to feel a little better - besides sleeping a lot.  Then things got worse as the throwing up turned into "stuff" coming out the other end.  All I can say is there was a LOT of diaper changes that day.

Monday and Tuesday were more of the same for James.

Today, James was feeling good enough to go back to daycare - but in the process of getting him better - both Brian and I managed to sick too!

Here's to hoping the rest of the week turns out better!  On the bright side, at this point... I do not think it can get any worse!

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