Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Vocabulary - Part Two

Just about every day I discover new words that James' knows.  He learned a lot while we were on vacation and his vocabulary continues to grow.

Here are some new words you will find him saying:
  1. blanket  - “anket”
  2. trash – “tash”
  3. Bevo – “bebo”
  4. “oh man” (or “oh mama” or “oh dada”)
  5. Bradford – “badford” (his cousin)
  6. Brianna – “na na” (his cousin)
  7. Penny (our friends little girl)
  8. bite – “bit”
  9. blanket  - “anket”
  10. oh no
  11. mouth – “mou”
  12. Big Bird – “ig ird”
  13. please – “pease” (and he knows sign language for this too!)
  14. airplane – “mair plane”
  15. boat
  16. hola (they learn one Spanish word a week in his new class at daycare!)
  17. alright
  18. ready
  19. chips – “ip”
  20. water – “wah wah”

Sunday, August 28, 2011


James' newest favorite food: Pringles Chips

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Family Trip via Intsagram

Sorry about the blogging hiatus - Brian, James and I just got back from a ten day trip to visit family in Georgia and Alabama.  I was also able to work in three days of business while I was in Atlanta.

Normally, I am a stress basket running around till the wee hours the night before we leave - but this time was different.  Brian came home from work at 10pm and I was done packing.  I had checked off everything on my list and I was feeling good about going to bed at a reasonable hour.

After getting up at 4am and making our way to the airport - I realized I forgot one very important item... I forgot a camera!!  I did not grab our simple point-and-shoot or the DSLR.  Geesh.  How could I forget such an important item?

So, I had to make do with what I had.  My iPhone.  Below are our photos from our trip via Intsagram:


Pictures from top to bottom:

sleeping on the way to Birmingham - three generations of McDermott's
James @ Hooters - James @ The Tilted Kilt (my ladies man)
Birmingham city view - walking around The Summit
drinking some milk - sleeping on the way to Warner Robins
walking with gigi - shopping @ Trader Joes
splash pad in Scottsboro x2
the boys - family photo
my little family - my goofy boy
my sweet boy

Monday, August 15, 2011

iPhone Memory Lane

I was going through my photos on my iPhone the other day and it is so amazing how much James has grown and changed since he was born.  I thought I would share some of my favorites:

  1. sleepy little man in the morning
  2. trying on a hat for our trip to Mexico
  3. falling asleep with Sophie in his mouth on the way to Sea World
  4. Texas Longhorn football game!
  5. napping with Daddy on Christmas
  6. first time eating pho (vietnamese noodles)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Mess

This is what my living room usually looks like after a long day at homes with James on the weekend:

Toys EVERYWHERE.  Books all over the floor.  Laundry is done and in a basket on top of the couch, waiting to be folded.  Most of the pillows have been pulled off the couch and are on the floor behind the ottoman.  Sippy cups and snack bowls lay abandoned.  Brandy laying in the middle of it all.

Little boys certainly know how to make a mess!

Thursday, August 11, 2011


It seems like every day James will say a new word.  There are some days when he will repeat a word over and over and Brian and I just look at eachother trying to figure out what he is saying!  

I have been meaning to sit down and put together a list of all his words, so here goes:
  1. da-da
  2. ma-ma
  3. Auntie - "eeeee"
  4. pop pops/paw-paw (sound pretty similar)
  5. Brandy
  6. Fenway - "enway"
  7. dog
  8. duck
  9. quack
  10. Elmo - "melmo"
  11. bubbles
  12. ball - "bah"
  13. bye-bye
  14. hi
  15. football - "oot-bah"
  16. Texas - "texch"
  17. ruff-ruff
  18. meow
  19. moo
  20. Cheerios - "eer-e-oh"
  21. juice - "uice"
  22. cheese - "eese"
  23. banana - "nana"
  24. pool - "ool"
  25. shoes - "oes"
  26. nose - "noooos"
  27. eyes
  28. pee pee
  29. beep beep
  30. no - "no, no, no"  (and he even does the finger motion!)
  31. flower - "flowr"
I am sure there are probably a few I am forgetting - but that is all I can remember for now!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Children's Musem

This past weekend we pretty quiet around the McDermott house.  The 100 degree + temperatures really put a crimp in your plans.

Since I never posted about our trip to the Children's Museum from the other weekend, I thought I would share today!

I had been wanting to check out the museum for a while, but had just not found a good weekend to go.  Brian had the weekend off and after doing some research, we discovered there was a special hour on Saturday mornings that was open just to children under 3.

We arrived at the museum around 9:15 and at first James was a little unsure of what to do.  That did not last long.

He was very interested in the little kid slide they had.  All he wanted to do was walk up and down the ramp.  He was not as interested in the actual slide part.  He crawled down it a few times, but the one time Brian tried to get him to go down the normal way - someone threw a hissy fit!

Other favorites at the museum included all the activities with golf balls!  James love balls of all sizes and he had fun watching all the cool things they could do.

We also participated in story and sing-a-long time, checked out a few more attractions and then it was time to head home as James was getting a link cranky.  All in all, it was a great way to spend a morning and I am looking forward to going again!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

First Haircut

This past weekend, we took James for his first haircut.  His hair was getting a little out of control and would always fall in his face and get all crazy.  I had mixed emotions about the visit - sad to say goodbye to James' precious baby curls and excited to see how my big boy looked with a big boy haircut.

The before pictures of his little curls:

We took James to a kids salon and after checking out the airplane and taxi cab chairs, he opted to get his haircut while sitting in the fire truck.  He spent most of the time driving and not even caring that someone was cutting his hair!  I was so proud of how good he did!

And much to my happiness, the stylist gave his hair a good trim all over and it is no longer in his eyes and there are still some curls!  YAY!  A win-win situation for me!

Ready to go...

Hey, what is this lady doing to my hair??

Waving hi to me and daddy

All done!