Thursday, April 21, 2011


I apologize again about the lack in blog posts!  I tried to post at least once a week… but needless to say, I was unsuccessful in that quest! 

There has been a lot going on in the McDermott house…

Brian has been busy with work and getting the yard ready for the summer.  The yard was a little neglected last summer because neither of us had time to deal with it while also taking care of a newborn!  This year, we have removed a few dead trees, cleaned things up a bit and even started a small garden!

I have also been really busy with work.  I am lucky enough to be working from home for the time being – but having two separate contract jobs can be quite demanding!  Often times, I find myself work late into the night to get everything done.

Despite how busy we are – there has been a lot going on with our little man.  The past few months have included a trip to the rodeo, a case of pink eye, new tastes, St. Patty’s Day, a trip to Dallas, James getting in trouble for biting, a new swing, a spring football game, new teeth and much more. 

Stay tuned this week for James’ 14-month post!*

And since I cannot do a blog post without one picture…  

*I know, I know… I have been slacking on his monthly posts and missed the last two months.  The older James gets, the harder it is to keep him still and get a good picture.  The homemade signs in the pictures were just not cutting it anymore.  Luckily, I discovered some adorable stickers with the months that you can just stick on a shirt and although I wish I would have found them for the first year, they did have a set for months 13-24 that will be utilized going forward!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Matching Outfits

A few mornings ago I was getting James dressed for school while Brian got himself ready to take James to school.

Obviously, we both had the same idea for the day: