Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day

Yesterday was a great day. 

Yesterday was a day to celebrate Brian’s 3rd year as a Dad – if you count the year James was a little nugget, that is.

We spent the day together as a family – hanging out in the backyard while Daddy did yardwork, swimming at our community pool with auntie and then having a shrimp boil at the house with our friends that involved lots of food and running around the backyard.

After such a day, all I can think about is how lucky James is…. How lucky he is to have a dad that…

…is there for him.
…plays with him.
…takes him for walks.
…teaches him things.
…reads to him.
…puts him to bed at night.
…feeds him.
…shares his food with him.
…hugs him.
…gives him baths.
…kisses him.
…swims with him.
…tickles him.
…chases him.
…protects him.
And most of all…LOVES him.

And James LOVES his Daddy too.  They are best buds.  James gets so excited when Daddy comes home and so sad when he leaves.  They are both so much alike.  They share the same temperament and both have huge hearts.

In honor of their special relationship, here is the first photo I have of the two of them.  This is from the hospital, a few hours after James was born.  Seeing this photo again, just melts my heart!

I love you Brian!

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