Friday, September 17, 2010

The Grow Up Fast...

As I was uploading the 7 month pictures of James a few days ago, I could not help but stop and take a look at pictures from all the other months.  It is amazing to me to see how much he has grown and how he is turning into such a little man. 

Check out the progression...

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Texas or Notre Dame??

Now that college football season has started... who will James root for?


7 Months Old

As of this past Saturday... our little man is 7 months old!
James weighs in right around 20 pounds now and is about 26.5 inches tall.  He is still wearing size 3 diapers and is just starting to wear some of his 6-9 month size clothes.

While he is still not sleeping all the way through the night, he is getting better.  He normally falls asleep around 7pm or so and before we go to bed around 10pm/11pm we give him another bottle to help him sleep longer.  He then sleeps for a good 5-6 hours, gets a snack and then sleeps for a few more hours. He usually wakes up in the morning around 7am - but sometimes he wakes up at 5am in the morning and will be wide awake and ready to go!

James is still loving be able to sit up on his own.  He is pretty good now at scooting himself around on his play mat to get the toy he wants, although he does have the occasional face plant!  The past few days, he has begun kinda flopping himself over one-side of the boppy pillow so that he is in a semi-crawling position.  He will put his arms out in front of him and one leg will be in the right position to crawl and the other one will be stuck under him in the seated position.  I think he wants to crawl... just does not understand how to do it!  

Another new thing he has been doing is grabbing his feet.  He loves to lay down and grab his feet and try to suck on his toes.  It is so cute.  Makes me laugh every time!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Play Time

Now that James can sit up on his own - play time has become so much fun!

James just LOVES to sit up and play with all his toys. We usually lay out a blanket on the floor and surround him with his many toys. He will reach for his favorite toys and kick his legs to move the others around. He can lean over pretty far in an effort to get the toy he wants and he likes to make a grunting noise if he cannot reach far enough.

His favorite toys definitely have to be the stacking cups - he loves to suck on them and hold them and bang them together or on other toys. He also really loves to suck on his Texas football and the rings from his Rock-a-Stack.

Sweet Pea

It has been almost a month now since we introduced James to solid food in the form of rice cereal... and he still is not a fan.  Occasionally he will eat a few bites, other times he will spit out every bite or sometimes he does not even open his mouth.  One thing he has mastered though... making a mess! :)

Since we have not had such luck with rice cereal, we decided to give James some vegetables a few weeks ago.  When I first got pregnant, I knew that I wanted to try and make homemade baby food - so I broke out my new BabyCook and whipped James up some homemade sweet peas, zucchini and squash.  

We decided to start with the sweet peas, as I had read that this was a good starter vegetables for babies.  I was not to sure of how James was going to react to the peas - but he did surprisingly well!  He actually ate about half of what we gave him and despite making some funny faces, I think he may actually enjoy his vegetables!