Wednesday, August 3, 2011

First Haircut

This past weekend, we took James for his first haircut.  His hair was getting a little out of control and would always fall in his face and get all crazy.  I had mixed emotions about the visit - sad to say goodbye to James' precious baby curls and excited to see how my big boy looked with a big boy haircut.

The before pictures of his little curls:

We took James to a kids salon and after checking out the airplane and taxi cab chairs, he opted to get his haircut while sitting in the fire truck.  He spent most of the time driving and not even caring that someone was cutting his hair!  I was so proud of how good he did!

And much to my happiness, the stylist gave his hair a good trim all over and it is no longer in his eyes and there are still some curls!  YAY!  A win-win situation for me!

Ready to go...

Hey, what is this lady doing to my hair??

Waving hi to me and daddy

All done!

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