Friday, July 29, 2011

17 Months Old

James - you are 17 months old!

Every month as I write these posts, I am constantly asking myself where the time has gone and how it is possible that you are SO big!  Every month you are becoming more and more like a little boy and less like a baby.

You weigh in now right around 28 pounds - although you seem a LOT heavier than that when I carry you around!  I do not know how tall you are, but you look like you have grown!  I should have some more accurate stats in August at your 18 month check-up.  You are still wearing size 5 diapers for both day and night.  Your clothes range in size from 18 months up to 2T.  The 18 months sizes are going to be put away very soon.  For shoes - you still fit pretty comfortably in your 5.5 size ones, but I think we will have to move you up to size 6 in the next month.

You have had quite a few issues this past month.  You got rug burn on your nose from the baby gym at daycare, you got bit TWICE by other kids at school (which I assume is payback for the bites you have inflicted on other kids) and you have been diagnosed as having "nursemaid elbow" - basically your elbow gets out of alignment and you are unable to use your arm for a little!  Mommy and Daddy need to be more careful now with your right arm and no more swinging you around!  You are also coming down with a cold...

You have learned some new tricks this past month.  You can go under the water at swim lessons for 4 seconds now!  You also know to raise your hands up when mommy says "TOUCHDOWN!  (I am getting you ready for football season).  Your vocabulary is always increasing.  I cannot even remember all the words you can say - but I will try and get them together for another post.  You also know a lot of animal sounds, from dog to cat to cow to elephant.  

You LOVE Elmo!  When Elmo is on TV you will actually stop and watch the TV and you get all excited and smile so big.  Last night we put in an Elmo movie and I do not think I have ever seen you sit still for SO long!  I may need to purchase some more of these Elmo movies!...

You still give the best hugs and are so loving.  You loved to be tickled and you love to tickle us too.  You think blowing farts/raspberries is the funniest thing and you will laugh and laugh when we do it to you.  

You still love your Cheerios and you are also becoming a big fan of juice!  You have your ups and down with eating.  Some nights you eat everything in sight and others nights you just want to play with your food.  You tried marshmallows for the first time and LOVED them.  You have also discovered chips.

You bring so much joy to our life and are always making us smile and laugh.  Although - you still have a temper issue - we love you anyways!

P.S.  Notice how LONG your hair is in these pictures?  I tried slicking your hair down to one side, but it did not last long.  Your hair always ends up in your face and so, this weekend we are planning to take you for your first haircut!

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