Friday, July 1, 2011


Ear-E-Ohs = Cheerios

Cheerios = James' favorite thing of the moment

Just last weekend, James decided that he would only eat his Cheerios out of a bowl.  If you tried to put a few on his high chair tray or give him a few in his hand - he would refuse.  I gave him a bowl of Cheerios and with a look of determination, he carried that bowl all the way into the living room without spilling a single Cheerio.

He likes to sit in his chair, with his bowl of Cheerios and watch our favorite cartoons on PBS (Sesame Street, Curious George & Cat in the Hat).  

When he finishes a bowl, he gets up and walks into the kitchen and knocks the bowl on the table or counter below wherever the bright yellow box is.

Sometimes he even shares his Cheerios with Brandy.  Sometimes he accidentally knocks his whole bowl of Cheerios on the ground.  And sometimes he will even offer Mommy a Cheerio or two!

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