Friday, February 25, 2011

First Birthday Party: The Details

I thought I would share the details of the party before I get to all the cute-pictures-of-James goodness!

When deciding on a theme for James' first birthday party, I only had to think for a second before I landed on a football theme.  After all - James will be a star quarterback for The University of Texas one day!

I started with finding the perfect football invitations:

The colors of the party were green, orange, brown & white and were inspired by the invitation and James' two favorite schools:  UT & Notre Dame. 

I had a lot of inspiration for the party decorations from several other blogs I read - so I bought a bunch of scrapbook paper and went to work!  It took me a few weeks worth of time to get everything ready, but I think it was worth it!  I love how everything turned out!

the party favors
hand-made & sewn party streamers
Happy Birthday banner
Month-by-Month photo wall
Stay tuned this weekend for photos of the actual party!


The Joiners said...

Very cute- you are obviously very crafty!!

Massey said...

Party planning is calling your name...