Friday, March 4, 2011

First Birthday Party: Picture Overload

I already shared the main details of the party - so, now it is time to share all the pictures from big day!

The morning of his party started off great.  James was in a good mood and was being his usual adorable self.  A few hours before the party, Brian and James took a nap together and unfortunately... James did not wake up on the right side of the bed!  Boy was he cranky!  

For the first half of the party - James was definitely not himself.  He was being very clingy and only wanted to be held by me, his daddy or his Auntie.  Luckily, he soon adjusted to all the people and the excitement - and before the end of the party, he was having a great time!  At one point, he just walked up to one of his presents and started taking all the tissue paper out!  We took that as the sign to open the rest of his presents...

Our family picture with the birthday boy!  

And who can forget about the cake??  

Although James did enjoy a carrot-cake cupcake on his actual birthday the day before - this was his first cake all to himself.  Of course it had to be in the shape of a football for my future quarterback!

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