Tuesday, October 12, 2010

First Football Game

Way back on September 11 we took James to his first University of Texas football game!  It was a night game against Wyoming and we actually won! 

Since it was still fairly warm outside, we spent the first half of the game sitting inside the north end zone where it was air conditioned - while watching the game on TV.  Once it hit halftime, we went to our sits to watch the rest of the game.

James did SO good at the game!  He stayed awake the whole time and was not fussy at all.  He LOVED all the attention he got from all the ladies sitting near us.  He was smiling up a storm and had so much energy.  I think he is destined to be the future Longhorn quarterback!
on the way to the game
hanging out in the AC
sitting in my seat
just chillin' with mommy
hanging with daddy & auntie

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