Friday, October 15, 2010

8 Months Old

As of this past Monday, my little man is eight months old!

My little man is a chunky-monkey - he weighs right around 21.5 pounds and is about 27 inches tall.  He is still wearing size 3 diapers and since they are starting to get a little snug, we are trying to use up the supply we have before moving up to the next size.  As far as clothes, he is wearing mainly 6-12 month sizes.

His sleeping pattern has really not changed much, but he is doing a little better because we upped his nightime bottle to 8 ounces (from 6).  He still loves to sit up and is thisclose to being able to crawl!  YIKES!  He now can get into the crawling position and tries to move forward, but just ends up on his belly.  He has mastered crawling backwards until he can get back into the sitting position.

James also loves to stand up now.  You can stand him up next to the couch or ottoman (or a pumpkin for that matter) and he can support himself pretty good!  Just last week, James learned how to wave.  It is really more of a "stick your hand out and open and close your hand" wave - but it is the cutest thing!  He likes to wave to the other moms of his buddies at daycare and then he will also do it at random times throughout the day.  I have tried to get it on camera with no such luck - but I will keep at it!

This last week also marks the emergence of James' first tooth!  (see previous post below)  As far as eating, I am proud to say that my little guy has turned into a pretty good eater!  We are just now finishing up with vegetables and are about to move onto fruits.  So far James has enjoyed sweet peas, zucchini, carrots, sweet potatoes, squash and even a sweet potatoes/turkey mixture.  

Another new trait that has emerged as he gets older - is his curiosity.  He wants to touch everything and is constantly trying to get my cell phone, the remote control or anything else I have that he does not!  As evidence, trying to get his monthly picture has become a challenge as all he wants to do is grab the paper sign...

"oh... what is that??"
"I got it!"
"Hmmm... what to do now..."

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