Friday, February 26, 2010

Picture Overload

James is a little over two weeks old and I think I have almost maxed out my memory card on my camera with pictures of the little guy! Here are some of our favorites:

first car ride home

nap time

a little cranky - but isn't my outfit cute??

modeling my awesome football shoes

Daddy and Jamie

asleep with his mouth open

hanging out in his swing

he always looks so cute when he falls asleep after eating!

I call this his "thinking" pose

little baby hands

so alert!

hi there!

Mommy and Jamie

Holding his hands together

Jamie's first stroller ride around the neighborhood

Jamie's first bath (which he did NOT like!)

Thank goodness bath time is over!

Hanging out on his play mat

His shirt says it all...

He loves his car outfit! (Thanks Grandma Sharon!)

Asleep on Daddy's chest

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