Friday, January 29, 2010

2 Weeks To Go!

Today, I am 38 weeks pregnant. Only two more weeks to go until our official due date! Whether little James will show up before, on, or after that day is still to be determined. Brian has a feeling about the 8th of February and I used to have a feeling about the 9th, but I am not so sure anymore. Personally, I think it would be funny if he decided to make his appearance on Super Bowl Sunday (which is the 7th).

Anyone want to place bets on what date he will show up?

I realize that I have not taken any belly shots in a long time, so I finally had Brian take one tonight. Here is my 38 week shot. You cannot really tell by the picture - but I have officially "dropped" - Jamie is hanging out very low in my pelvis which in turn makes me look a little smaller than I did just a few short weeks ago!

38 weeks

In other baby updates, Brian and I have been busy getting everything together for our little guy. The nursery is just about done and our game room is starting to look like a baby store with the Pack N Play, Swing, Bouncer, Play Mat and Travel Crib all set up! Below are some shots of Brian putting his handiness to work on the Bouncer and Swing.

so... what do I need to do?
ok - that one was easy to put together!

uh oh - this one has a LOT of pieces...slowly coming together
all done... I am the man!

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Massey said...

very cute...I am guessing you will go into labor the night of the 8th and deliver on the 9th how about that...compromise!