Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Maternity Photo Shoot & Room Updates

This past Sunday, Brian and I had our maternity photo shoot with an amazing photographer - Mollie. We had a hard time trying to figure out where to take the photos and would go back and forth on taking them at the house or taking them outside somewhere. Ultimately, we decided to take the pictures at The University of Texas campus and I think it was the perfect choice! The weather cooperated for the most part - it was sunny and beautiful - but pretty cold! Click here to see a sneak peek of our session.

What do you all think??

The past few weeks I have slowly, but surely, been working on putting the baby room together. I have been VERY indecisive on how I want the room organized and decorated - thus the delay in posting some photos! I will put something up and then decide the next day that I no longer like it. I just want the room to be perfect...

I did manage to get done loads and loads of laundry of baby clothes, bibs, burp pads and blankets. My parents saved all of my baby blankets from when I was little, so our little guy already has quite the collection of blankets to keep him warm and cozy! I have also been working on getting together all the stuff that me and the baby will need at the hospital. I think at this point I have everything I need - I just need to pack it all up!

While I try my best to finish this room in the next few weeks, enjoy the following shots of some of the special touches in the room:

a little Notre Dame accent

and you cannot forget about the Texas Longhorns!

my baby shoes from when I was little

framed artwork


Anonymous said...

I really love the Notre Dame accents!! Especially since the room is a shade off of UT Burnt Orange! I think we need to call the jurors on the baby shoes, I don't think your feet were ever that small! My big toe wouldn't fit in those shoes when I was born! ;}

Big Daddy B

Massey said...

Love it!

Katie said...

LOVE the photos! You are going to be a great mom and I can't wait to see pictures of the lil one! Congrats!!

~Kate M.

Momma2BnB said...

Love the pictures from the photo shoot!!! BEAUTIFUL! The nursery pics are cute also!