Friday, October 12, 2012

37 Weeks! (Full-Term)

I am currently 37 weeks pregnant and officially FULL TERM!  Where has the time gone?

I cannot believe that in 3 weeks (or less) that we will have our sweet Baby Caitlin in our arms!

Here is a bump shot back from August when I was 30 weeks along:

And here I am last week when I was 36 weeks:

Pregnancy updates:
  • Food Cravings: Same as before - nothing too crazy.  Still really into ice cream (and the dairy helps with heartburn, so its a win-win!)
  • Weight Gain: Right at 25 pounds.  I am on track to end up right about 30 pounds total - which is right in the middle of the recommended weight gain!
  • How I am Feeling: I think it is FINALLY hitting me that I am having another baby!  (Took me long enough??)  I am excited, anxious and nervous about how things will be with two kids in the house and how James will adjust. 
  • Sleep: What sleep?  I pretty much wake up every hour these days due to potty breaks, being uncomfortable or heartburn issues.  I guess it is my body preparing me for the newborn days coming up!
  • Physical Ailments: Mainly heartburn, having to potty all the time and just being uncomfortable as I get bigger.
  • Baby Movement:  A lot of jabs and kicks.  Caitlin is head down, so I only feel movement in the upper part of my belly now.
  • How James is Doing:  He is still doing pretty good.  He has had a few moments of jealousy when we buy/get something new & exciting for Caitlin and he decides that he wants it.  Last weekend he was playing with some of the toys in the baby's room and he told me that "Caitlin is sharing with him!"
  • Baby's Room: Still a work-in-progress!  The room is painted, all the furniture is in and set up.  I need to hang up stuff on the walls and finish a few projects.  Also need to finish cleaning out the closet and getting all the baby stuff set-up (the pack-n-play, swing, bouncer, etc).
  • Baby's Size: We had an ultrasound last week and it looks like Caitlin will be a big one!  They are already estimating her size at 7 pounds and think she will probably weigh in somewhere around 8 pounds when she is born.  Her legs are also quite long and her head is big (which is no surprise given Brian, James and I all have big heads!)
  • Baby's Arrival: The doctor thinks Caitlin will be making an early arrival.  I am hoping it is NOT on Halloween!  In case she does not come on her own, we have decided to induce me on my due date as a back-up plan.  Which means that at the most, we have exactly 3 weeks till we meet Caitlin!   

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