Thursday, July 26, 2012

99 Days

Only 99 days to go until our little girl, Caitlin Michele, makes her arrival!  

I am currently 25 weeks, 6 days along with this pregnancy and am just now getting around to posting my first baby/bump update!  Better late than never, right?

Here I am in all my baby bump glory!

 Pregnancy updates:
  • Food Cravings: Nothing too crazy.  I have been really into breakfast food this pregnancy (Pop-Tarts, donuts).  I also really like ice cream - especially the Coffee Chocolate Chunk flavor from HEB.... so good!
  • Weight Gain: Surprisingly, only about 9 pounds.  At my last doctor appointment, my doctor actually told me to eat more as I only gained 2 pounds that month!
  • How I am Feeling: Very TIRED!  I think I may have low iron again (like I did with James), as I am constantly tired.  No matter what I do, once it hits 9pm I just want to sleep!  
  • Sleep: It is going OK.  I wake up usually 1-3 times to use the bathroom and it is taking longer to get comfortable each night!
  • Physical Ailments: back pain, sciatica, round ligament pain, heartburn
  • Baby Movement:  I have an anterior placenta again, meaning it cushions a bunch of movement - but I do actually feel quite a bit of movement!  Caitlin is WAY more active than James was and I can feel movement most of the day and the occasional pretty good kick!  I sense a soccer player in our future!  
  • How James is Doing:  He is doing pretty good.  He likes to say "Momma, Baby Caitlin is in your belly!" and then he will give my belly kisses.  He also will cover my belly with a blanket and say Caitlin is cold.  He has also asked to hold her on his lap, take her to school and feed her a bottle.  We have to remind him that he cannot do that until she is actually here!  I think James is going to make a great big brother!
  • Baby's Room: It is a work-in-progress!  I have been slowly cleaning out the room of all non-baby stuff and that is taking longer than usual.  Next step is to paint the room and get all the furniture set up.  Then comes the fun part - decorating and working on all the fun projects I have planned for the room!    

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