Thursday, May 26, 2011

15 Months Old

My little man is 15 months old!

James - you are becoming quite the big boy again.  You weigh in at 25 pounds, 15 ounces - which puts you back in the 70th percentile for weight.  You are 31.25 inches tall and your head is about 19 inches (which means you are still in the 90th percentile for your big ol' head!)

You are wearing size 18 month clothes and even some a little bigger.  I still have not put away your size 12 month clothes because it makes me sad to think that you are no longer my little baby.  You are also wearing size 5 diapers for both day and night now.

A few things you are doing these days:
  • When we ask you where mommy is and where daddy is, we will ask you where James is... and you blink your eyes and your face squints up.  I think it is adorable.
  • You LOVE bubbles.  They have a bubble machine at daycare and you love to stand it the middle of the bubbles and try to grab them.  You love them so much - that I ordered the same bubble machine for home!
  • You are becoming quite the little helper.  When we take your socks off at the end of the day, you will take them and throw them in the washing machine (with a little assistance that is!)
  • You love when daddy or mommy blows farts on you and you love when we chase you around the living room
  • You love to be tickled.  We tickle you every morning after your morning bottle and you will just giggle and giggle.  You even try to tickle us now and say "tickle tickle" which sounds more like "gickle gickle"
  • You love other kids.  Our good friends who moved back to Boston a year ago came to visit with their 2.5 year old son last week.  You and him had SO much fun together.  You are quite fascinated with older kids.

On another note - James has become very uncooperative when it comes to taking these monthly pictures.  I got the one good shot at the top and then it all went down hill.  This was how the rest of the shoot went:

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