Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Caitlin: 10 Months Old

Caitlin – you are 10 months old now!

I still cannot get over how fast this year has been flying by!  How is it possible that you are already 10 months old?  That in two months from now you will be a YEAR OLD!

You are still our sweet little girl… but can definitely be a handful at times.

At your 9 months appointment, your stats were the following (all around the 90%):
  •     Weight: 21 pounds, 6 ounces
  •     Height: 28.5 inches
  •     Head Size: 46 cm
Needless to say – you are growing well!  You are wearing 6-12 month size clothes and size 3 diapers.  I am thinking of moving you up to Size 4 diapers when our current supply runs out.  Your eyes are still blue and your hair is still blonde.  Your hair is starting to come in a little more now and is probably about 2 inches long in some spots, but your hair is SO fine that you cannot really tell its there unless you are really looking!

You are still breastfeeding/getting a little formula during the day + eating a few meals and snacks a day.  You eat baby oatmeal, yogurt, fruit/veggie puree combos, puffs and yogurt melts.  We also give you small pieces of real food – string cheese, avocado, bread and chicken. 

You have also started drinking from a straw sippy cup!  One day while James was napping you grabbed his sippy cup and Brian let you play with it and all of a sudden you were sucking on it and he realized you were actually getting water from the straw!  SO – we have now bought you your own girly colored sippy cups and you love drinking from them!  Although you do sometimes drink the water and then forget to swallow and have it all run down your chin…

You are also getting thisclose to walking!  You love to stand and can walk all along furniture – mainly along the ottoman and the couch.  You have stood on your own for a second a few times and have been getting braver about moving between pieces of furniture.  At this rate, I think you will probably be taking your first steps around 11 months old! 

Since you love to stand a lot now, you have also started to dance.  When there is music or when James or Brian and I start to dance – you like to dance too.  Your version of dancing is more “bouncing up-and-down” – but it sure is cute!

As you grow, we are definitely seeing more of a personality.  You are very stubborn and get mad very easily if someone takes something away from you.  You are also very determined.  If you want something – you will find a way to get it.  You usually are pretty happy and like to clap a lot.  You also get a very big kick out of giving high fives.  You think that is pretty hysterical.  You also have a slightly evil side – since you tend to find it funny when you pull my hair or hit us and we say “owww”!

Sleep.  You are still NOT sleeping through the night.  I think you are just a bad sleeper.  There was a few days in a row about a month ago, that you were only waking up once for a short feed – so I thought things were on track to get better.  Nope…. You then got a cold and went back to waking up 2-3 times a night.  Pretty consistently you tend to wake up around 12pm/1am and then again around 4/5am.  I am hoping you go back to one time a night soon and then hopefully just learn to sleep all night long!  A girl can dream, right??

At daycare – you moved up to the Young Toddler class at the end of August.  You really seem to like your new teachers, your new friends and all the new toys in the class.  This class is also set up to get you on an eating & sleeping schedule – which is probably a good thing for you and us.

The relationship you have with your brother is still so amazing to watch!  You sure do love him and he sure does love you.  You definitely light up when he talks to you and you are always crawling/walking over to be next to him and see what he is doing.  While James may not enjoy you taking his toys…  he does like to help you play with your toys!  Just last week you and James were playing with your walking-dinosaur toy and James stopped to say “Caitlin, you are my very best friend.  I love you.”  My heart just about melted right then and there.

We love you so much baby girl and love watching you grow!


P.S.  Here are your 9 months photos - since I never got around to posting an update last month.


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