Monday, June 17, 2013

Seven Months in Review (via Instagram)

Since I obviously have not done a good job of posting the past SEVEN months - I thought I would include a little review of those months via my Instagram feed.  Enjoy!

1. Sweet Baby Caitlin (just a few days old!)
2. First lunch out
3. Sweet sleeping baby

1. Rocking the hair bow
2. Brother & Sister
3. Caitlin's First Christmas!
4. Saturday morning with the kiddos

1. James just LOVES to hold his baby sister!

1. Special donut for breakfast for the birthday boy.  James turned 3!
2. My sweet little Valentines!
3. Morning picture
4. Finally asleep after a rough evening

1. James asked me to take a picture of him and his sissy before school.
2. St. Patty's Day love
3. Ready for school pictures!
4. Sitting up on her own!
5. Easter outfit + sparkly tennis shoes!

1. Happy girl at daycare
2. Princess Caitlin!
3. Happy girl in the AM
4. Trying on outfits for an upcoming family photos
5. Nothing better than a sweet sleeping baby

1. Apparently, this is how Caitlin likes to sleep at daycare!
2. Someone finally was back to her old self after battling double ear infections + a sinus infection!

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