Friday, November 11, 2011

A Letter to James (November 2011)

Dear James –

You are at such a fun age right now.  You are a happy boy, who loves to talk and is curious about everything.  You continue to amaze me… and test my patience on a daily basis.

I love you more than I ever could have imagined and I can barely remember what life was like before you.  I wanted to write down some of things you have been doing lately so that I will not forget them.

YOU love to be naked.  When it is bath time, we will take off your clothes and you will just run around naked, laughing and smiling.  Or when we try and change your diaper on the living room floor – you will get up before we are done and with a devilish grin, take off running in the opposite direction.  You definitely put up a fight when we try to put clothes back on you!

YOU love trains, cars, buses, trucks and airplanes.  Basically – anything that moves.  Every time you see a bus when we are driving or walking, you get SO excited.  Sometimes when you are walking to school with daddy, the neighborhood bus driver will wave to you and that makes you happy.  You also love it when the commuter train crosses the railroad tracks by our house on the way to or from school.  Usually, the first words out of our mouth these days when I pick you up are “choo choo?”.  You can also spot an airplane a mile awhile - even if you can just hear the airplane, you will yell out “air-plan” while you point at the sky.

YOU have started to sleep with stuffed animals now.  Some days it’s your Elmo, or your Wocket (from Wocket In My Pocket) or last night it was your frog.  At daycare the teachers tell us you sleep with a baby-doll, as all the girls in your class do and you do not want to be left out!

YOU like to ask for “butt-paste” when we change your diaper.  I am not sure how it started or when you learned what butt-paste is… but I find it pretty funny how you will ask for it over and over till we put some on your booty.   You are a silly little boy sometimes!

YOU are starting to get interested in the potty.  You love to “help” when we have to go to the bathroom.  You will follow us into the bathroom and ask “Mommy pee pee? Daddy pee pee?”  It is pretty cute.  You also like to help me get the toilet paper off the roll.  Then you ask us “hands?” and wait while we wash our hands.  You get mad if we do not wash your hands as well.  I am hoping this interest in the bathroom will encourage you to potty train earlier than normal!

YOU like to stare out the window in the master bedroom.  We lift the blinds and pull back the curtains and you will just stand there and stare.  You will point at something ask me or daddy to come “see.”  “Daddy see?  Mommy see?”  We have no clue what you are looking at, but we like to make you think it is the greatest thing ever that you are pointing at. 

YOU have started to tolerate things on your head again.  A few weeks ago, you let me put on your Notre Dame baseball cap.  And now when you wear your hooded sweatshirt – you like to walk around with it up over your head.  Even at home when you do not even have pants on (like you did last night) – you still want the hood on your head!

YOU are learning some Spanish at daycare.  You can say “adios” and “agua” and they have been working on counting to 5.  We like to practice at home and you get very excited repeating “uno, dos, tres, quatro, cinco” after us.  I need to videotape it one of these days.  Pretty soon you will know more Spanish than I do!

Last but not least…

YOU are the most wonderful, sweetest, cutest, love-able and intelligent little boy I know.  I love you and I am so blessed to be your mommy.


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Amy & Keith said...

So sweet Liz! What a wonderful little man you have!