Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Halloween 2010

(Only a few months behind on this post!)

2010 was a year of first for James.  First vacation, first football game, first pumpkin hunt and... first Halloween!

Not only did James have one cute costume, he had two cute costumes!  For our annual Halloween party at our house we decided on matching family outfits for the night.  Originally, I was not too sure of our idea for costumes this year, but after seeing the infant version - I was sold! 

For actual Halloween night, we decided that James would be a monkey.  Pretty fitting since we sometimes call him our Chunky Monkey!  Since the weather in Texas is usually not cold for Halloween, we searched high and low to find a monkey version that was not a full bodysuit and I think we managed to find the perfect costume.  What do you think?

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