Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Start of a New Adventure

What adventure you ask?

Well... solid foods of course! Now that James is 6 months old, we decided to start him on some rice cereal. Our doctor said we could start solids as early as 5 months old, but we decided to wait a bit longer to make sure that James would be ready.

Here is James in his high chair all decked out in his new robot bib complete with a pocket at the bottom to catch all the food that does not make it in his tummy:

OK... I am ready to eat. Where is my food??

First bite... not quite sure about this!
This tastes wierd... I don't think I like it!

OK - that was not TOO bad. I am not sure I actually got any in my mouth though!

As you may be able to tell from the last picture - James got a lot more rice cereal on his face then in his belly! We would put a little cereal on the spoon and he would open his mouth in anticipation and then after we put the food in his mouth, he would close his mouth and ALL the cereal would come dribbling out on his chin. I guess we have to work on this eating thing a little more...

And although James made quite a mess with his first meal, he definitely gave Brian and I a good laugh!

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