Thursday, March 11, 2010

1 month old!

Today James is officially 1 month old! **

I cannot believe how fast this past month has gone by. It seems like just yesterday we brought him home from the hospital! The past month has been SO very challenging, but also the most rewarding.

It is amazing to see the changes in James since he was born. He is now almost two inches taller and weighs almost a pound heavier - the few newborn outfits that he has are starting to get a little snug! He still spends a good amount of his day sleeping - but there is now a significant amount of time during the day when he is awake and alert. He has his fussy times, his play times, his tummy time and his cuddling time - not to mention the dozens of diaper changing times!

**I thought it would be a neat idea to track Jamie's growth progress with monthly photo updates - as you can see from the first one above, he was not too cooperative with my propping him up on the couch, but I am hoping it will get easier as he gets older!

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