Tuesday, November 3, 2009

100 days

As of today, Brian and I have exactly 100 days left until little Baby McDermott is supposed to make his arrival on February 12, 2010.

Only 100 days to go...
Only 14 weeks and 2 days to go...

Time is just flying by! I cannot believe that I am quickly approaching my third trimester and that in just about 3 short months - Brian and I will be parents! Thinking of how much time we actually have left is causing me to freak out a little about all the stuff I have left to do...

I still need to finish decorating the baby room, research day care options, find a pediatrician, get the house baby-proof, put together the baby furniture, and read all the books I have on taking care of babies!! Not to mention, all the normal life activities that are coming up - Thanksgiving, Christmas holidays, New Years and my 30th birthday! Yikes!

On another note, we had our latest doctor appointment this morning. Baby McDermott is doing great. His heart beat is strong and he is getting bigger by the day!

Speaking of getting bigger - here is the latest belly shot:

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