Thursday, October 15, 2009

23 weeks!

It is hard to believe that I am now in my 23rd week of pregnancy - with only 17 weeks to go (or 119 days to be specific)!

Time is just flying by. In 5 more short weeks, I will officially be in my third trimester and in four more weeks, I will be having my first baby shower! Before I know it, this baby will be here!

I am little late again in taking my belly shot - but here it is:

23 weeks

Now for an update on the baby...

According to my fun pregnancy tracker, our little one is more than 11 inches long and he weighs over a pound now! At this stage he is gaining about six ounces each week and over the next few weeks he should basically double in size. (Which makes me wonder if my belly will also double in size!)

I am still feeling pretty good, although it is starting to get a little uncomfortable when I bend over or move a certain way. The little kid has been moving and kicking a lot lately and pretty soon I think Brian may actually be able to feel it. I can't wait to see his reaction when he actually gets to feel his little boy kick!

On another topic, tonight I am babysitting my friends 10 month old little boy while her and hubby go to dinner for her birthday. I figured it would give me some good practice, because pretty soon I will have my own little one to look after. Wish me luck!

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Massey said...

I love it...pretty soon your belly will be moving all over and it will be alien like. He will be kicking plates, remotes, coasters off your belly.

I did enjoy being pregnant with Hailey it was fun...up till the last couple weeks...I was soooooo done being pregnant. Take lots of pictres for the baby book.

Do you want to practice babysitting a 4 1/2 year old???